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Loxley ROES
Ordering made easy.

Download Loxley ROES

Minimum system requirements:
Windows Vista/Mac OS X 10.7
2GB RAM 1.8GHz processor
1.5GB free hard drive space
Loxley ROES

Loxley ROES (Remote Order Entry System) is designed to make ordering any product from the Loxley Colour range a simple and rewarding process. Employing a simple drag and drop interface, it can be used for all print fulfilment, wall display, presentation products and more.

By providing a visual representation of your order, Loxley ROES allows you to check cropping, layout, composition and finish prior to submission; ensuring you’re happy with your final product.

•  Ideal for ordering prints, wall products, preview products etc
•  Mac & PC compatible
•  Upload order or save to disc
•  Simple drag & drop functionality