Printing is the foundation of Loxley Colour. Benefit from years of industry experience and a wide range of options.

Boutique Packaging
Perfect for presenting prints and books.
Giclée Fine Art Prints
Choice from eight distinct papers.
Matted Prints
Present your photography professionally
MPA Qualification Prints
Achieve a professional standard for less.
Photographic Prints
Quality prints within one working day.
SWPP Qualification Prints
Save on qualification entries.

Wall Products

An exquisite range of unique, carefully crafted wall products that create a talking point in any venue or home.

Wall Products
Acrylic Gallery
For razor-sharp image display.
Acrylic Lifestyle
A contemporary and elegant way of showing multiple images.
A wall product with real impact.
Art Panel
Lightweight wall art with edge.
Art Panel Multi
Innovative and personalised wall art.
Bevel Edge Print
A subtle slant on the Edge print.
Birchwood Panel
Wall art that naturally stands out.
Blanc Noir Frame
Bring portraiture out of the shadows.
Block Wrap
A subtle slant on the Edge print.
Box Frame
Wall art that packs a punch.
Wall Products
Canvas Gallery Block
Bring the canvas to life
Canvas Print Wrap
A canvas for the ages.
Clarity Range
Quality and style that's clear to see.
Clusters & Splits
Create impactful wall art for less.
Edge Print
Take photography to the edge.
Wall Products
Fine Art Float Frame
Fine art on another level
Fine Art Wrap
Fine art wall art, wrapped up.
Float Frame
Take wall products to another level.
Wall Products
Floating Block
Thinking long-term
Framed Alumini
Put your Alumini in the frame.
Fusion Fine Art Wrap
Wall art and framing combined
Wall Products
Gallery Block
Playing to the gallery
Gallery Print
When it's all about the big picture.
Padded Print Wrap
Lightweight, padded, punchy.
Premier Acrylic
An acrylic with extra dimension.
Prism Range
Unparalleled perfection.
Traditional Canvas Wrap
Hand-crafted and photographically printed canvas wrap


Whatever your style, enjoy an award-winning framing service complete from print to packaging.

Abode Collection
A unique take on the traditional desk frame.
Subtle blend of simplistic style and beauty.
Small off-step and curved edge frame.
Two-tone frame with scooped inner bevel.
Cambridge Desk
A two tone scoop frame.
Cambridge Plus
Wide two-tone frame with inner bevel.
Add rich texture with a grained wood finish.
Bringing rustic style indoors.
Coastal Desk
A rugged wood desk frame.
Smooth frame with contoured curves.
Contour Desk
Smooth curved desk frame.
Superior vintage style frame.
Endless appeal exudes from the aged colour-effect finish.
A simple yet elegant desk frame.
Create dramatic 30s style.
Subtle wood grain effect expressing a sophisticated look.
Create an original look that adds elegance.
Heritage Desk
An elegant wood desk frame.
A hatched finish frame in two colours.
Combining choice and beauty.
Add modernity with subtle edges and grained wood effect.
Monochrome Apex
Contemporary and minimalist style.
Monochrome Curve
High gloss, stylish curved frame.
Monochrome Flat
High gloss flat wide frame.
Natural Contoured Large
Large contoured frame with wood grain effect.
Natural Contoured Small
Slim contoured frame with wood grain effect..
Natural Desk Collection
Combine laid-back style with natural tones.
Natural Flat
Subtle, yet sophisticated framing.
Perfect for the office in a choice of colours.
Add timeless style with two tone border frame.
Oxford Desk
A two tone border desk frame.
Oxford Plus
Impressive, commanding and stylish wide border frame.
Elegant Regency style frame.
Regency Desk
A Regency style desk frame.
Decadent vintage style.
Add depth to photography and draw their eye.
Deep wooden frame in several popular colours.
Shadow Box
Gorgeous frame with deep recess adding depth.
Bold and bright, add vibrancy to any setting.
Spectrum Desk
Bold, bright and vibrant desk frame.
Effortlessly combine vintage style with timeless colour.
Speckled, distressed frame in three colours.
As chosen by Colin Prior
Style defined with gorgeous curved frame.


Make impressions that last. Finish print, book and album packages with a fantastic range of complementary products.

Blanc Noir Desk
Bring portraiture out of the shadows.
Desk Acrylic
Crystal clear style in any environment.
Desk Alumini
Take Alumini style off the wall.
Desk Block Duo
For both sides of the story.
Desk Wrap
A perfect personalised desktop accessory
Folio Mount Box
For the complete presentation package.
Framed Desk Alumini
Put your Alumini in the frame.
Gift Tag
For the message they’ll never forget.
Glacier Block
An impressive desk product from any angle.
Keepsake Accordion
A compact concertina of treasured memories.
Photo Cube
Show the creative side of photo gifts
Signing Frame
A creative look at the guest book.


Add value to photography packages and promote your business with a range of high quality low cost giftware.

Clear Keyring
The key to promoting your business.
A refreshing gift for clients
Fridge Magnet
Photo gifts that attract attention
Adding value piece by piece
The key to adding value
Luggage Tag
The ideal package tag along.
Mouse Mat
Perfect for the home or office
Exactly your clients cup of tea
Photo Bauble
A personalised hanging image bauble
Tablet & Phone Covers
Printing goes mobile.
Tote Bag
Bag extra sales


Get ahead with superior quality marketing materials that create a platform for stunning photography.

Business Cards
Quality cards that catch the eye.
Compliment Slips
Add a touch of class to communications.
Couture Business Cards
Make the right first impression.
Couture Greetings Cards
Cards with character.
Couture Postcards
Vouchers with added wow.
Couture Tri-folds
Cards with creative flair.
Greeting Cards
Card for all seasons.
Make customers wish they were there.
Promotional Folders
Marketing material to bring it all together.
The perfect all-rounder for marketing.
An eye catching seal of approval.
Marketing materials with triple impact.


Show clients exactly what you can do and help them choose their perfect product package.

Alumini Surface
Alumini surface finish samples
Birchwood Finishes
Birchwood Panel finish samples
Frame Moulding Display Board
Get clients on board with samples
Frame Mouldings
Showcase a range of frame options.
Material Swatch Keyring
The smart way to showcase cover options.
Mount Boards
A sample of 12 stylish mount colours.
Mount Substrates
Create your perfect mounted print.
Paper Selector
Your handy go to guide for papers and prints.
Sample Card Boxes
Showcase your product options.

USB Products

With creative options including boxes, print and book combinations, digital files never looked so good.

USB Products
USB & Box
A stick, with a twist.
USB Products
Wooden USB & Box
Natural style for digital files