Getting Started

Step 1

Create an account

When you create your Loxley Colour account you gain access to all our pricing lists as well as the Loxley Colour Toolkit. Creating your account lets you begin pricing your photography packages and designing promotional materials to advertise your packages to clients. Signing up with Loxley Colour is completely free and only takes a few minutes!


Step 2

Book your free Consultation

After you've created your Loxley Colour account you can arrange a FREE 30-minute consultation with a member of our dedicated sales team. Just book your preferred consultation date and time online, choose which member of Team Loxley you'd like to chat to, and we'll get in touch ready to help you. Consultations are handy if you're looking to create a new set of photography packages and aren't sure where to start, or if you're unfamiliar with the products and services Loxley Colour provide. We can help you learn more about what we offer and give you some tips on marketing your work to clients.


Step 3

Browse our product range

We've got a host of professional print products to suit every photography style, occasion and budget. Browse our vast product collection and select the products you think your clients will love. Whether it be for wedding photography, family portraits, landscapes or pet photography, you'll be able to find amazing products that do your images justice in the Loxley Colour collection.


Step 4

Order your samples

Once you've chosen some products you think will suit your photography and appeal to your clients, you can enjoy discounted samples! Samples are great for showing clients during consultations. Letting clients see the quality of products lets them connect to the photography packages more and means they're more likely to purchase. Contact our sales team or to receive a bespoke sample discount that is perfect for your business.

Step 5

Place your first order

When you've created your account, familiarised yourself with Loxley Colour products and received your samples, you're then ready to start ordering your clients' orders! Our easy-to-use ordering systems mean you can quickly design and order albums, prints, wall products and more. We'll hand craft your products and deliver to you with our industry-leading turnaround times.
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