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Order Cancellation

Once an order is placed with Loxley Colour it can only be cancelled at the discretion of the customer service manager. As our products are of a bespoke (personalised) nature, you cannot cancel your order without paying the full purchase price. Also, products cannot be returned if no longer required. No orders placed in November and December can be amended or cancelled . All orders placed in the remaining 10 months of the year may be cancelled/amended within 2 business hours at the discretion of the Customer Service Manager.

Combining Orders For Shipment

Due to the vast number of orders processed on a daily basis by Loxley Colour and our quick production times, we cannot dispatch separate orders in one consignment. If products are to be dispatched together, they must be placed in the same order.

Splitting Orders For Shipment

When an order is placed containing multiple products that have different production times, the overall production time will be based on the longest service time. The order will be dispatched only when all components are complete.


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